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Romantic surroundings at the foot of the highest Sauerland mountain "Kahler Asten" has a fantastic view overlooking the country of a thousand mountains. Surrounded by the beautiful Sauerland landscape all conveniences our hotel has to offer are at your disposal - a large spa area, rooms furnished with a love for detail,
a first class cuisine, not to mention  our well-trained staff will make your stay in the Berghotel Astenkrone unique and unforgettable.

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Area weather forecast

Wednesday: Today there is a partly cloudy sky. Here, 0 degrees is reached during the day, at night it then cools to -2 degrees.

Monday: In the morning the sky is very cloudy to overcast, and in many places it snows. In the afternoon cloudy dark snow and rain clouds the sky. It will be up to 1 degree reached during the day, at night it then cools to 1 degree.

Excursion tip

Calm after the storm
With an incredibly destructive Force recorded Hurricane Kyrill beginning 2007, the contours of the new region . Within one night he devastated more forest in the Sauerland region than any storm ever. 16 million cubic meters fell in NRW 4 million in the Sauerland .

To make Cyril consequences for hikers on the Rothaarsteig years to come to life , the Rangers of the country forest operation and wood NRW have created the Cyril - path -in-hand work on the Rothaarsteig . On a non-cleared windthrow area in the state forest near Schmallenberg -Schanze , hikers via narrow stairs and under fallen trees experience to approximately 1 km in length " force of nature peacefully ." Landmark for children highly interesting path is the " Bow "
on a splintered tree.
The Cyril - path is on the left side on the outskirts of the village jump in Schmallenberg, Sauerland . It begins at the newly established Ranger Station hill. Parking is available at the trail parking lot at the entrance ramp.

Annual Highlights

Yearning - for the ideal holiday destination. For an oasis of silence and true recreation. A second home - surrounded by beautiful nature and a unique panorama. A team of attentive staff to look after you. From the moment you arrive. Come and enjoy!

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